We’d like to introduce ourselves, hi we are Arrow North!


  In 2018 Teagan Coleman and her former business partner started Arrow North in Sacramento, CA. Focusing on the home and financial industry they saw great success. In early 2020, Teagan made the jump and moved to Portland, Oregon. In the crazy time that has been the pandemic, Arrow North focused on working with non-profits. Then, in March 2021 Teagan realized her passion and drive to help small business was still there. 

  Teagan Coleman and Mark Rasmussen became business partners in 2021 and gave Arrow North new life! Our growing team of five is the go to marketing agency for your small or medium sized business. Our goal is to create a positive, transparent, and valuable client partnership. Achieving our client’s goals in a thoughtful, creative, and logical way while being able to show all data and metrics behind our marketing choices is what creates long term relationships. Marketing for us is about making educated decisions and choices while being open to thinking outside the box. Every business is unique, and for our partnership to work for us it needs to work for you also.

Meet Some of Our Clients