We believe in local business, we believe in what we do and our desire is to help grow and invest in the area we live in. This is our team.

Teagan Harper
Founder and LLC CFO

​​Teagan Harper (Left): I was born in Auburn and Raised in the Rocklin/ Roseville Area. I joke that the one thing constant about my childhood was the red pine trees around me. Growing up I had a passion for sports and played softball competitively until a shoulder injury ended my career. I attend Sacramento State and that is where I found my passion for social media marketing. Working in a commercial Real Estate Firm I cut my teeth for Social Media Marketing and realized there is a need for this incredible tool and traditional marketing is no longer cutting it especially for the small business. I founded Arrow North Marketing & Consulting in early 2018 and now act as CFO of the company. In my free time I love to be outdoors, I love hiking and being by the ocean. My beautiful wife and our "fur babies" Leia and Rey are always with me on our newest adventures. ​

Tristan Phillips

Tristan Phillips (Right): I am a California native, born and raised in the greater Sacramento area. With a great love of music and art and I have been playing the guitar for the past 13 years. I played lacrosse in high school and in our senior year we took 3rd place in Northern California. I’m a bit of a nerd, I love movies and traveling the world with my beautiful girlfriend. I found a passion, for marketing, digital media, content and creativity working for a nationally broadcasted radio station. I’m a lifelong student of anything that peaks my interest. Through learning, growth, and serving in a great company surrounded by passionate and driven people, I pursed my passion for marketing and received my certification. All of this has lead me to where I am and I’m excited to see what the future holds. Teagan brought forth the idea for an innovative company and together we built Arrow North where I currently act as CEO. 

Arrow North Marketing & Consulting 2018